What Can You Bet On?

What Can You Bet OnThe act of wagering money on a casino game is described by most as “gambling”, whereas “betting” refers to risking cash on the outcome of a sporting event or other occurrence. If we focus on the sports bet, what can you bet on? An exhaustive answer would go on ad infinitum, but it’s worth thinking about the types of things you bet on in general and how you might aim at bigger wins.

You can lengthen odds when betting on horses by doing your homework and picking a lesser-known runner. Gaining inside information and studying form helps. However, in team games like football and rugby, the odds on either team winning are often small. In other words, you’d have to risk a large sum of money to make a significant return. That’s when you might examine the match more closely and bet on events other than the straight win.

To inspire you, the following are just a few of the ways you might bet on a football match and go for a bigger pay-out. These ideas are transferable to many other sports.

  • Hat Tricks: unless the game is one-sided, the odds of anyone scoring a hat-trick are remote. A study of the different teams’ defences and in-form strikers may give you an edge.
  • Time of Corner: you can frequently get decent odds on a fast first corner. If you suspect a team will come out with all guns blazing, this can be profitable.
  • Red Card: long odds are often possible on a red card offence, especially if you bet on it happening in the first half or on both teams. Effectively, this means betting that a game will be hard-fought, or that specific strikers and defenders will clash.
  • First goal scorer: achieve longer odds by betting on the first player to hit the back of the net. You’ll lengthen the odds further still if you bet on it happening within a certain time.

For a comprehensive idea of the many types of bet you can place, look closely at some of the major betting platforms.

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