Podcasts That Win You Money

Podcasts That Win You MoneyLook around on the Internet and you’ll find stacks of podcasts about winning friends, winning personalities, winning sides or winning hearts and minds. But what about winning money? There aren’t so many of those. If you’re a betting person or like to hit the casinos, you’d probably be attracted by a podcast that gets straight to the nitty gritty of winning and tells you only what you need to know to achieve it. Or, at least, not much more.

There are some gambling podcasts out there that delve right into money-making strategies and, for the sports gambler, are loaded with hot picks. Rather than dwell solely on games like craps and poker, they’ll explore other forms of gambling like classic slot machines, video slots and different strains of bingo. Where do we start looking for these podcasts? Below, you’ll find a couple of no-nonsense casts with some original ideas about winning money and some forthright opinions on the gambling industry.

Gambling with an Edge

The first thing you’ll hear on the Gambling with an Edge podcast is the ka-ching of a till. Sounds promising, you might think. Hosted by top professional gamblers Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin, this is a plain-speaking production that focuses on winning strategies and dispelling gambling myths. In a recent blog post associated with the audio transmission, Bob Dancer wrote an article entitled “How Bad Is It to Be Greedy?”. Not that bad, might be the answer!

Behind the Bets

Sports gambling is the raison d’être of Behind the Bets. Hosted by Chris Fallica, Chad Millman, Steve Coughlin and others, this podcast is loaded to the brim with red hot college football and NFL picks. The guys on this podcast really know their stuff, so listen up and see if they can make you some money! If you’re up for a friendly wager on American football games, this is required listening.

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