Football Podcasts: For Analysis and Inspiration

Football PodcastsWhen it comes to finding podcasts about “the beautiful game”, of course you’re spoiled for choice. England’s domestic league, The Premier League, is one of the richest stages in the world for top-class football, and there is no shortage of footballing pundits to preview games, comment and execute after-match postmortems. Sadly, England never seem to quite live up to expectations as a national side, but the English appetite for international football remains huge.

At a nationwide and worldwide level, the industry of gambling on football is worth billions of pounds each year. If you bet on football, you’ll want to stay abreast of all the latest match reports and news. To help with this, there are regular football podcasts and more specialised football betting podcasts available. Below are a handful of the more popular ones.

Football Weekly

Featured on The Guardian’s website, this is created twice a week and features the musings and expert punditry of James Richardson and his team. Detailed match reviews and Premier League speculation make for informative listening.

5 Live’s Football Daily

A quotidian dose of football news, analysis and lively debate. If you’re a footie fan, you’ll enjoy the shrewd predictions and in-depth match reviews that go on here.

Sunday Supplement by Sky Sports

An intelligent commentary from some of the finest football journalists is what you get with the Sunday Supplement podcast. The latest matches are meticulously dissected in a way that offers plenty of food for thought.

The Football Bet Club

Last on this short list is a podcast that dwells on football betting and gives plenty of tips. The hosts of The Football Bet Club podcast are just three mates – football fans – analysing the game they love. They’re good at it, nonetheless, and don’t just stick to the English Premier League tables. This is essential listening for football betting inspiration.

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